Kharkov Synagogue Hosts Gala Event For WWII Veterans

KHARKOV, Ukraine - The Synagogue of Kharkov hosted an event for 100 Jewish war veterans, held in order to celebrate 60 years since the end of World War Two.

Chief Rabbi of Kharkov Moshe Moskowitz greeted each one of these veterans personally, presenting them each a Jewish book as a memento of the occasion .The President of the local Jewish Community and Deputy in the national legislature, Alexander Feldman, thanked the veterans for their contribution in winning the war and said that they are an example to all future generations. Another Deputy, Anatoly Girshfeld, whose parents are also war veterans, also came out to congratulate the attendees.

Solomon Michailovich Svitsky, the President of the local Jewish Veterans Association, also gave a speech in which he thanked the Kharkov community for their assistance, moral support, attention and encouragement. Indeed, many have been inspired by their relationship with the Jewish community. One of the veterans said that following the war, he had lost his faith .."but today - here in the synagogue, I have again started to believe...."

The cultural program was full of events, including veterans sharing their memories with participants and community members and leaders thanking these honored veterans. Everyone enjoyed a kosher feast, 'lechaims' and songs from years gone by. All of the veterans were very touched and encouraged by the celebration.



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